Facebook Marketplace launches in Pakistan

By Lauren Fruncillo August 1, 2021 - 2:50 pm

According to reports, Facebook Marketplace has been launched in Pakistan, giving entrepreneurs in the country the ability to sell on the platform.

The introduction has been highly praised by Razak Dawood, the Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investment and will bring better opportunities to small Pakistani businesses and encourage them to start selling online. He also mentions how it will be beneficial to women entrepreneurs who want to engage in market activity.

Facebook Marketplace was said to be primarily focused on customer-to-customer interactions however, the interactions businesses have with Facebook Marketplace in countries where it has already been introduced show that they are not afraid to get creative with how they use the platform to sell. Another benefit is that due to all transactions being completed outside of Facebook sellers will not be surprised with fees.

“This is in addition to the support we offer small businesses to easily digitise operations, adapt to selling online and reach to wider networks, as well as programmes to help SMBs during this difficult time, we enable sellers to build an online presence at no cost and minimal complexity, and for those just starting it”.
– Facebook official, as quoted from dawn

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