Will Amazon stop paying you next week?

By Chris Dawson July 7, 2021 - 8:30 am

Earlier this year, Amazon launched the Payment Service Provider Program to enhance their ability to detect, prevent, and take actions against potential bad actors and protect you and customers from fraud and abuse. The result is that if you use a payment service provider to receive your Amazon store sales proceeds, you must use an approved Amazon Payment Service Provider or the next step will be Amazon stop paying you.

If you are still using an unapproved payment service provider, Amazon will stop disbursements to you next week on the 15th of July. Zip. Nada. No more money will be paid out until you until you add a regular bank account or sign up with a participating payment service provider.

You should already be aware of this, as if you were using an unapproved payment service provider on or after the 31st of May then your payments will already have started to be delayed. You will be subject to a longer disbursement reserve period of up to 21 days after the latest estimated delivery date.

If you’d not noticed your payments were being delayed for some reason, then you should definitely notice when there’s nothing arriving into your bank account after the 15th of July when Amazon stop paying you.

Amazon say that they are working to add more providers and will keep the list of approved suppliers updated on a weekly basis. You can check if your payment service provider is approved on the list available here. To view the list of PSPs that have met Amazon’s requirements for provisional enrolment go to Payment Service Provider Programme update page.

We are guessing that Amazon have seen too many dodgy sellers who, when their account is suspended, simply open up a new Amazon account and open a new virtual bank account with a random payment service provider. By limiting the list of acceptable service providers Amazon will be able to better limit this underhand activity.

If you do see Amazon stop paying you next week, the most likely reason is that you have been caught in the net and your provider hasn’t managed to get approved before the deadline. Your only real choice to to have funds paid directly into your bank account and then get set up with a new provider as quickly as possible.

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