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By Chris Dawson July 15, 2021 - 8:00 am

At eBay Connect 2021, eBay’s third-party developer conference, eBay’s 2021 Early Adopter Star Developer Award was presented to Volo Commerce. So why did they win?

With the promised reopening of society that’s soon coming to the UK with England due to drop all Coronavirus restrictions barring a few like travel in favour of personal responsibility leaving you to judge what level of risk you’d like to take, it’s easy to forget that the pandemic is far from over.

With 36,660 people newly confirmed as having Covid in the UK yesterday, rising at 26.6%, and sadly 50 people dying of the disease with deaths rising at 50%, there are still a lot of unwell people and from next Monday this is only going to get worse. As soon as Coronavirus restrictions ease, a lot more people are going to be doing a lot more things and that can only mean increased pressure on the NHS.

Behind the scenes, eBay have been working to support the NHS with a PPE Portal… and yes if you’ve read about this before it is still running. By the last week of May, the portal had processed an incredible 3 billion items of PPE to primary care and social providers.

Volo Commerce are the partner behind the scenes who are managing the seller side of the portal. Volo’s developers volunteered hundreds of hours to build and maintain the connections necessary for this enormous undertaking and each and every one of those 3 billion items has seen Volo’s solution pass the order between eBay and the seller supplying the item. Then it was over to Clipper and Royal Mail to handle the physical delivery.

Volo Commerce also of course, provide an ecommerce service platform to a wide array of merchants, retailers and brands since joining the eBay developers program in 2010, giving countless businesses the ability to sell and grow on eBay.

It should be absolutely no surprise to see Volo being awarded eBay’s 2021 Early Adopter Star Developer Award. With their roots stretching back into the days when they were known as eSellerPro, Volo was founded in 2006, joined the eBay developer program in 2010, and have supported thousands of businesses to run and grow their eBay business. Supporting the UK through their work with the eBay PPE Portal makes this a very well deserved recognition.

Huge congratulations to the entire Volo team!

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Volo Commerce

The Volo service and platform focus on helping you scale up your business with dedicated professional expertise and a highly comprehensive multichannel platform that maximises automation. This combination grows your sales and increases your efficiencies over the long term. Scale up your business with Volo.


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