Dog attacks on postal workers drop over the pandemic

By Lauren Fruncillo July 7, 2021 - 11:51 am

During the first few months of the Pandemic, Royal Mail released figures showing that dog attacks on postal workers remained unacceptably high. Since then, dog attacks on postal workers have dropped by over a third.

Royal Mail have announced a 31% drop in dog attacks on its postmen and postwomen during the 2020/21 year, driven largely by the move to contact free deliveries during the pandemic.

Despite this drop, the number of dog attacks still remains high with 33 attacks taking place every week in the last year. If we compare that with the previous 49 a week, we can see that there is still a very serious issue.

As Royal Mail launches its ninth successive Dog Awareness Week, the company is appealing to dog owners to ensure they understand the often devastating impact of dog attacks on postmen and postwomen and take proper measures to ensure their pets pose no threat to postal workers through responsible dog ownership.

Despite the introduction of a new delivery process, the majority of dog attacks at 41% (690) still took place at the front door. A further 31% of dog attacks (520) took place in the garden, driveway or yard. Over 20% of attacks on postal workers (340) took place through the letterbox. And 8% of attacks (130) took place in the street or road.

Top 10 areas for dog attacks:

  • BN (Brighton): This area had the most incidents reported during the year, with 58 postmen or postwomen suffering dog attacks.
  • S (Sheffield): This area saw the second highest number of dog attacks with 55 Royal Mail postal staff attacked.
  • BT (Belfast): This area placed third this year with 49 attacks. However, this figure is 35% down on last year’s total, that placed the area in the No.1 spot with 75 attacks.
  • PO (Portsmouth): This area had 43 attacks on Royal Mail staff this year.
  • IP (Ipswich): This area had 41 dog attacks on postmen or postwomen. This figure matches the number of attacks from the previous year.

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