Amazon SAFE-T Communication Center launches this week

By Chris Dawson July 12, 2021 - 10:00 am

This week on Thursday the 15th of July, Amazon will launch the SAFE-T Communication Center aiming to enhance your SAFE-T claim management experience. The SAFE-T Communication Center in Seller Central will be your single touch point for all claim related communication and can help you save time as you will no longer need to respond over email or search your inbox for any SAFE-T claim communications.

SAFE-T, which stands for Seller Assurance for Ecommerce Transactions, was launched to streamline claims for reimbursement. You can claim up to 30 days after a refund to a buyer but not before the refund is processed. Valid claims can include where the buyer returns a different or damaged item, a buyer abuses the returns process to get a free return, when Amazon refunds without requiring the item to be returned and if you sent a replacement but a refund was still processed.

You’ll find more information in Amazon Seller Central.

Learn more about Amazon reimbursements

Amazon SAFE-T claimsWatch the Tamebay Live Amazon trivia quiz to learn more about Amazon reimbursements and how you could increase your profits simply by claiming reimbursements that are due on your account. All this takes is your time, so watch this session in which Yoni Mazor, CGO & Co-Founder of GETIDA walks through what you can claim for and how much you could be owed – this is free money for your business that Amazon will happily give you and all you have to do is ask for it!

SAFE-T Communication Center FAQ

Will this launch change the way I open a new claim?

No, the process in which you file a claim remains unchanged. Visit the ‘Manage SAFE-T Claims’ page in Seller Central and click ‘File a new SAFE-T Claim’.

How can I access SAFE-T Communication Center?

Visit the ‘Manage SAFE-T Claims’ page in Seller Central and click on the ‘View message’ button to open the SAFE-T Communication Center. From here, you can read and respond to messages as well as upload any attachments.

How will I know I have a new message?

Whenever the status of a claim changes, you will receive an email notification which will contain a link directing you to the respective claim in Seller Central. Alternatively, you can manually navigate to the ‘Manage SAFE-T Claims’ page in Seller Central and review the various status related tabs (i.e. ‘All’, ‘Awaiting Seller Response’, ‘Resolved’ and ‘Under Investigation’). Claims with a status change or those that require your reply will be highlighted accordingly.

How do I know by when I need to respond or appeal to a claim?

The ‘Manage SAFE-T Claims’ page will indicate by when you must reply to open claims (see “Reply by

How can I appeal a resolved claim?

You can appeal a resolved claim by replying to the claim directly in the SAFE-T Communication Center.

Will there be any change in the SAFE-T claim policy with this launch?

No, with this launch Amazon are not changing the Seller Fulfilled Prime reimbursement policy.

What about my existing claims for which I have responded via email?

All previous communication on open and resolved claims will be available in the SAFE-T Communication Center.

  • Lee Pearce
    2 months ago

    Oh good, get to try this out soon as just received a Customer Refund notice for an order placed over a month ago as well an extra little monetary gift from me to them.

    Refund Reason – General Adjustment

    Tracking shows delivered next day via Amazon Logistics, no messages from the customer and no return opened.

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