Amazon Apprentice Levy funding available for your business

By Chris Dawson July 29, 2021 - 11:31 am

Yesterday we wrote about the Apprentice Levy and how it’s a pot of money for nothing sitting waiting to be claimed. One large such pot is sat with Amazon and if you don’t claim it they’ll have to simply return it to the Government. The Apprenticeship Levy was introduced in 2017 to address a growing nationwide skills gap. Amazon Apprentice Levy funding is up for grabs to eligible sellers in England for all apprenticeships up to degree level, under the Levy Transfer Scheme.

There is no limitation on the apprenticeship standards that are eligible for this funding. To help you decide which standard best fits your business, a full list of current apprenticeship standards can be found in the Institute for Apprenticeships (IFA) website.

Amazon Apprentice Levy funding eligibility criteria

The minimum eligibility criteria for an Amazon-funded apprenticeship are:

  • Your registered business address must be in England.
  • You must have a Seller Central account balance greater than £0.
  • You must have achieved greater than £1000 trailing 12 month sales on Amazon stores in Europe.
  • Your Seller Central account must not be suspended or at risk of suspension.
  • You must be able to pay your apprentice a legal wage for the duration of their apprenticeship.
  • Your prospective apprentice must be aged 16 years or older.

Providers may apply additional eligibility criteria depending on the apprenticeship standard.

How to apply for Amazon Apprentice Levy funding

Simply complete a registration survey to express your interest.


Can Amazon help with apprentice recruitment?

Recruitment of your apprentice will be your responsibility. You must hire an employee and meet the above criteria to receive funding for the apprenticeship.

Do I need to pay my apprentice?

Yes, you must ensure that your apprentice is paid their lawful wage. The funding supplied by Amazon is to cover the cost of their apprenticeship training only.

Can I re-apply if I do not meet eligibility requirements the first time?

Yes, you can. If you are not eligible upon your first sign-up, the Amazon Apprenticeship team will be in touch to inform you. You can re-apply when you meet the eligibility requirements.

Am I restricted to specific apprenticeship standards?

No. Amazon recognise that sellers have a wide range of business types. They will consider applications for any apprenticeship below degree level relevant to your business. You can find all current apprenticeship standards in the Institute for Apprenticeships (IFA) website.

Where can I find more information?

If you have any questions, contact Amazon directly at [email protected].

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