New Disco extension promises best prices for consumers

By Chris Dawson June 15, 2021 - 11:43 am

In exciting news today, Egor Antonov of Disco unveils their new Disco extension about to launch this July. Egor explains how consumers can access the best prices using the Disco extension as well as how merchants like you can engage with consumers to win additional sales:

These days, people can’t stand it when businesses or services are slow – no exceptions.

From social media that delivers instant entertainment (mixed with a little paid advertising) to the booming online retail sector, companies have to solve clients’ problems in real-time. If you don’t bring a customer straight to the shopping cart, you lose them. It’s sink or swim.

Smart people

At the same time, people love to buy “smart”, and make the best purchasing decisions possible. How can companies make the most of our shopping habits, providing the best possible discounts, staying profitable, and appealing instantly to shoppers at the point of sale?

That’s where #DiscoMagic comes in.


Disco presents its extension, renewing its commitment to savvy shoppers on the heels of a boom year for online retail following the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Starting on the 1st of July 2021, Disco’s new service, delivering instant savings, will take centre stage in the UK.
  • By filling in a short registration form and connecting their card, the average consumer will be able to start saving money ASAP. No delays, no Googling for better prices.

Disco hopes to cater to consumers who value saving both time and money, squeezing the most out of their shopping experience. With an updated look and feel to its enhanced discount offerings, Disco is doubling down on efforts to meet smart shoppers’ evolving needs in a post-pandemic world, delivering unique selling propositions for every order placed.

Despite’s report claiming that 30% of Americans use browser extensions to help them efficiently find and apply coupons (double the 15% of Brits who do so), the business has yet to go mobile. The global future of money-saving hacks is not on the web: 64% of people prefer a single app that delivers cashback from multiple participating merchants.

Following the July launch, there will be a further, diversified access launch, where Disco will reveal its Firefox and Edge extensions, as well as a mobile app, all before the Autumn season.

What about ecommerce? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you.

If you prefer the tried and true technique of the upsell, Disco is the best service to help you do it. Giving your customers coupon codes or one-time discounts is always a smart move, because monetary incentives work every time. So what about a guaranteed discount on every purchase made – one that doesn’t slow the consumer down, or force them down a rabbit hole of internet searches? That’s a different story – a Disco story.

Consistency is the key. Our offer never changes. When customers can get their items from any affiliate merchant with a reduced price by simply turning on one extension, it’s a game-changer. goes on to state that “1 in 5 consumers would ask a store for a refund if they missed out on a discount they were qualified for”. Why not engage that 22.4%, and ensure customers make regular purchases, just by telling them about savings beforehand?

Want to find out more about the upcoming public launch of the Disco extension? Head over here:

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