How to engage Digital Doers on Pinterest

By Chris Dawson June 30, 2021 - 12:30 pm

Digital Doers are self-described geeks—and proudly so. 3 in 4 of these tech-savvy individuals are men and have used Pinterest as a life planner for up to four years. They love to use the platform for discovery and not only do they feel inspired by what they find, 9 in 10 turn that inspiration into action. Whether it’s a new car or a new hairstyle, they see Pinterest as a place where they can embrace their individuality, not dance to the beat of somebody else’s drum..

Primary Interests

  • Technology
  • Holidays & Travel
  • Sports

Secondary Interests

  • Automotive
  • Finance

The role of Pinterest to engage Digital Doers

A planning tool

Pinterest plays a role in researching upcoming purchases and shorter-term ideas as well as undertaking bigger projects in the long term.

Visualising aspirations

Pinterest helps The Digital Doers to organise their lives and visually represent their goals and ambitions, which makes them seem more within reach.

Freedom to explore

Pinterest is seen a place where they can enjoy and tap into their own interests, rather than feeling the pressure of ideas being pushed at them by other people.

Value to advertisers

7 out of 10 of Digital Dreamers believe that Pinterest is an inspirational platform and a place for discovery. 9 out of 10 take some form of post-platform action after using Pinterest.


71% feel that Pinterest is an inspirational platform.


73% feel Pinterest is a place for discovery.


85% take some form of post-platform action after using Pinterest.

How to engage Aesthetic Seekers on Pinterest

  1. They love understanding how things work, so brands taking the creative approach of ‘Product as Hero’ can really cut through.
  2. Communicating aspects of product composition and / or features appeals to their desire to get under the skin of things.
  3. Instructional or ‘how to’ videos or content appeals to their practical nature, and helps them visualise the outcome of a task.

You can learn more about Pinterest Business here.

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