How to engage Aesthetic Seekers on Pinterest

By Chris Dawson June 25, 2021 - 10:30 am

Aesthetic Seekers are all about self-expression and creativity. Sure, many of them are women but 2 in 10 are men — and they’re all on the hunt to find what authentically represents them, from fashion and beauty to art and design. Aesthetic Seekers are not only leaned-in, they’re also doers, with 8 in 10 taking some form of action after discovering ideas on Pinterest. These Gen Zers are open-minded and explorative, even if that means stepping outside their comfort zone.

Primary Interests

  • Fashion
  • Beauty/Grooming

Secondary Interests

  • Holidays & Travel
  • Celebrations
  • Relationships & Life

The role of Pinterest to engage Aesthetic Seekers

Aesthetic development

Pinterest is a place of inspiration and creativity, allowing these Pinners to develop their style by bringing a variety of new ideas into their ether.

Confidence building

Having access to so many different ideas can sometimes encourage these Pinners to try out new things that are beyond their comfort zone.

Positive productivity

Pinterest can serve as a more fulfilling and productive way for these Pinners to spend free time versus others social media platforms.

Value to advertisers

Aesthetic Seekers are more likely to feel that Pinterest is an inspirational platform and a place for discovery in comparison to the competitive average. 8 out of 10 of them take a post-platform action after using Pinterest.


69% feel that Pinterest is an inspirational platform compared to competitor average.


70% feel that Pinterest is a place for discovery compared to competitor average.


81% take some form of post-platform action after using Pinterest compared to competitor average.

How to engage Aesthetic Seekers on Pinterest

  1. A down to earth tone and relatable imagery resonate, while more highly stylised ads feel more suited to other platforms.
  2. User-generated content is a powerful way to engage them with real people telling real stories.
  3. Video format is most eye-catching; amongst a feed of static images, videos can stop them and make them take notice.

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