CE-marked goods July 16th deadline and eBay advice

By Chris Dawson June 14, 2021 - 10:00 am

If you sell CE-marked goods in the EU then mark the 16th of July in your diary with a big red circle around it. From that date you need an economic operator for CE-marked products sold or exported to the EU – basically you need someone that resides in the EU to take responsibility for your goods and they carry the can if anything goes wrong.

eBay have already put up announcements about this and have published another emphasising that they are committed to looking into providing more information on options for eBay sellers that do not currently have an economic operator. If you are looking for an EU-authorised representative for the products you may sell to or in the EU, eBay have identified some experienced third-party companies who may be able to assist.

The following companies can provide support for most products (whether soft or hard goods) covered by the requirements:

eBay are still looking to add more EU economic operators to this list to give you more options, but time is running out. There’s little point waiting until you get a sale for CE-marked goods on the 15th of July and realising it won’t arrive until after the deadline the following day. If your business doesn’t have an EU entity that can act as your economic operator then start looking for someone that can act as your representative today… there are only five weeks left to the deadline!

  • Francois
    1 month ago

    Does anyone know if an EU Economic Operator is required for CE Marked Goods shipped to the EU with Ebay’s Global Shipping Programme?

  • Toby
    1 month ago

    I would say it doesn’t matter how you ship it… it requires it. You are responsibile for the goods not ebay.

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