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By Chris Dawson May 27, 2021 - 7:35 am

Back in the pre-pandemic days in 2019, the Tamebay GFS Warehouse Tour took place in Newbury Berkshire. Along with Tamebay, invited online sellers were hosted by GFS who threw open the doors to their warehouse to demonstrate how a fulfilment operation can be made as simple and trouble free as possible. Sadly it is not currently possible to repeat this experience, but we can announce the Virtual GFS Warehouse Tour is now available for free.

Virtual GFS Warehouse Tour

This is an opportunity to see absolute best practice in a busy warehouse and get some insights as to how you could streamline your own business. You’ll get to see inside GFS’ own warehouse where they are busy fulfilling orders for their retailer customer and not only look at the physical layout and processes but also the best in class technology that makes it all run effortlessly.

What was really interesting on the 2019 Tour was to discover that much of the technology is not focused on the pick/pack/ship warehouse functions that you might expect, but goes way up the sales funnel to the point of purchase where automatically selecting carriers, disclosing customs duty and taxes up front to customers and collecting them up front or transparently informing customers what they can expect to pay when their purchase is delivered is all a part of the process.

If you’ve never visited a large warehouse operation (or if you run a massive warehouse and would like some expert insights into how you can streamline your logistics), sign up for the Virtual GFS Warehouse Tour – it’s totally free and there’s also a special offer. If you decide at the end of your tour that you want to take advantage of some of the technology on offer from GFS, after your Virtual GFS Warehouse Tour you’ll pay no integration fees when you implement the new technology.

We’re really keen to be able to invite you back to in-person events as soon as it’s possible to arrange them, but in the mean time book yourself on a Virtual GFS Warehouse Tour today!

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