Personal data privacy is important to consumers

By Lauren Fruncillo May 26, 2021 - 7:06 pm

A new research survey by Invisibly has revealed that personal data privacy is important to consumers. The findings show that 4 out of 5 people don’t want their personal data collected or shared without consent.

Consumers are spending more time online and concern over how personal data is being used is a hot topic. With 68% of respondents saying data privacy is important to them and 82% supporting measures that would prevent companies and devices from collecting or sharing their data, it becomes very clear just how important data privacy is. As more companies use the digital era to collect data, people are becoming more aware of what that really means for them and how they can get control back.

Although the majority of respondents in each age group consider personal data privacy important, it was the respondents aged between 41 and 54 who showed the most dominant stats (88%) followed by 71% of respondents aged between 18 and 40, and 68% of respondents under 18.

Consumers support data collection prevention

In terms of supporting advertising changes that prevent companies and devices from collecting or sharing their data, 78% of male respondents, 87% of female respondents, and 55% of non-binary respondents said that they do. The survey shows that a majority of respondents in each age group support advertising changes that prevent companies and devices from collecting or sharing data about them.

Consumers don’t like targeted marketing ads

The results show an overwhelming majority are in favour of keeping their personal data private and this includes the whole spectrum of ages and genders and it even shows with targeted marketing ads. 76% of respondents don’t like getting targeted marketing ads online (from data brands have about them) and say it needs to stop, 24% of respondents said they like the targeted ads because it helped them to discover new products they love. In those results, 11% more men than women like getting targeted online ads.

“The problem we have here is one of consent. People don’t like the fact that data is collected and shared about them when they have not implicitly consented to it, which is why Invisibly is launching a 100% consumer-consented data platform where people get paid for the data they choose to share. We’re working to change the industry to one where data is never collected or shared without direct consent.”
– Dr. Don Vaughn, Ph.D., Head of Product, Invisibly

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