Newegg marketplace launches automotive parts category

By Lauren Fruncillo May 5, 2021 - 5:49 pm

Newegg have recently announced that they are launching a new automotive parts category on their online marketplace. Newegg’s automotive storefront features the popular YMMO (year/make/model/options) interface that helps people quickly and confidently find the perfect part to fix or mod their vehicle.

Shopping for aftermarket car parts has been steadily migrating online in recent years, yet navigating online automotive websites has been challenging due to spotty inventory and clunky navigation. Newegg addresses these pain points head-on by offering more than 1.5M parts in stock and ready to ship, with an intuitive shopping experience that surfaces the perfect part in just a few clicks.

Newegg have also welcomed a full suite of paper and digital DIY repair manuals to ensure customers have access to valuable resources to help them successfully complete their projects. Additionally, the company also offers free expert advice via traditional channels, including phone, chat and email. Offering such a broad range of free how-to resources is unique in the industry, and sets Newegg apart from other online automotive sites.

“A new generation of automotive enthusiasts is much more comfortable shopping online for car parts, which presents a huge opportunity for companies like Newegg to meet this growing demand with a user-friendly shopping experience that caters to this growing customer segment. Our automotive storefront takes all the guesswork out of product selection, and customers can shop with confidence knowing their purchase is backed by a company that’s been an e-commerce leader for more than two decades.”
– Andy Schuurs, Vice President, Newegg Automotive

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