Channable Busting 5 myths of feed management

By Chris Dawson May 24, 2021 - 6:00 am

Download ButtonIn this ebook, written by Tamebay in association with Channable, we take a fresh look at feed management and some of the pre-conceptions, identified here as five myths, that surround it.

We explain how changing technology and the can-do attitude of the pandemic means that sellers can have the confidence that, with the right tools to hand, they can better handle the task of feed management themselves. This can help to ease business strain and boost sales by automating feed management on marketplaces, as well as automating strategies for social commerce.

5 Myths of Feed Management

The 5 myths we look to debunk are:

  1. It’s too technical and I simply don’t have the skills
  2. It can’t be done inhouse as I don’t have a large enough team
  3. It’s too time intensive to research what’s required
  4. It’s expensive and as a small seller I simply can’t afford it
  5. Setting up takes too much effort and will be too distracting

Taking feed management in-house allows sellers the ability to take control of their ecommerce and feed management strategies. Download this 5 myths of feed management ebook for free here.

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