BrickLink post-Brexit VAT collection changes

By Lauren Fruncillo May 11, 2021 - 2:09 pm

According to reports, BrickLink are making some post-Brexit VAT collection changes for UK and EU members.

You may remember that back in January the company officially registered as a UK marketplace and were working on implementing a solution that meant BrickLink were responsible for the collection of VAT for purchases under £135, rather than the seller.

VAT Collection changes:

Now, from the 18th of May orders from UK buyers will include a VAT-exclusive price from EU sellers and orders from EU sellers will include a VAT-exclusive price from UK sellers. VAT-inclusive prices, however, will be visible to UK buyers from UK sellers. The final VAT will be calculated and shown as an additional field at checkout.

BrickLink will be handling VAT collection and HMRC payments on orders being sent to UK addresses below £135. BrickLink can also provide VAT invoices to those who need to prove that tax has been paid. VAT on orders above £135 being sent to a UK address will need to be either paid by the buyer or seller to ensure the items get through customs.

Bricklink have also advised that if you are a non-UK seller and you want to sell goods to UK buyers, you should opt-in to BrickLink’s on-site payment method.

In the case of issuing refunds, BrickLink are encouraging sellers to use their refund feature to ensure the correct amount of VAT gets refunded. The refund page can be accessed from the Issue Refund link on the order detail page.

You can see all of the Brexit Marketplace Changes detailed here.

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