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By Chris Dawson April 28, 2021 - 2:00 pm

The UK is experiencing a start-up boom. More than 770,000 people ended up started a business in 2020 – a huge increase on the more usual annual tally of 660,000. Starting a business is cheaper, quicker and easier than ever. People of all ages, from all over the UK, from all manner of backgrounds are now starting their own business.

Those starting a business need reliable advice, so they can make good decisions and avoid expensive mistakes. With need-to-know advice from small-business experts and tips from those who’ve started their own business, the Start Your Own Business podcast is essential listening if you’re starting your own business (or thinking about it). Set up your new business in the right way and get off to the best possible start.

I was pleased to join the series to talk to those considering starting a business focused on selling online, whether via marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy, or your own ecommerce or general website. Over the years I have met many who started a business and built massively successful online ventures and the one common denominator is that they all started by listing and selling their first product. So many talk about their desire to start a business but spend all their time talking about it and thinking about it without getting around to doing the very basics of getting started.

I firmly believe that the time for talking is done and if you want to be successful then there is absolutely nothing to prevent you starting a business today. And I mean today, not this weekend or next week!

The whole series is essential listening for anyone who wants to start a business so if that’s you, or you know someone that would like to be in charge of their own destiny, point them to the Start Up Donut website where, in association with the Federation of Small Businesses, they can listen to the whole series.

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