New personal correspondence product codes for Royal Mail

By Chris Dawson April 16, 2021 - 7:59 am

From the 3rd of May 2021 Royal Mail will be introducing new product codes for personal correspondence and updating existing product codes that apply to non-personal correspondence. These adjustments will help you ensure the correct data is being captured for your items and export standards are being met.

Existing product codes will still be accessible but you will be required to provide all mandatory pre-advice customs data for business items.

UPU regulation states that letter-post items containing goods (otherwise referenced as “non-personal correspondence”) are classified as a small packet, which Royal Mail classifies as a parcel.

As the international postal landscape is rapidly changing it is possible that overseas postal operators will review customers’ compliance with this provision. To anticipate this, Royal Mail will be looking to make some adjustments to our terms and conditions. Please be aware there are exceptions that apply at country level.

New Royal Mail product codes for personal correspondence


Non-personal Code

Personal Code


Untracked DE4 N/A
Tracked & Signed MTE
Tracked MP7
Signed MP9

Large Letter

Untracked DG4 DP6
Tracked & Signed MTG MPP
Tracked MTK MPO
Signed MTO MTP


Untracked N/A DP3
Tracked & Signed MPM
Tracked MPL
Signed MPN

Royal Mail have a help page with further information on International shipping changes.

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