June 2021 Amazon Fee Changes announced

By Chris Dawson April 9, 2021 - 10:00 am

The long awaited June 2021 Amazon fee changes have been announced for the UK. Normally we would have expected to see these at the start of the year, but Amazon delayed most fee changes due to the challenges merchants have faced through the pandemic.

Most referral fees will not change, and Amazon are making what they call ‘only moderate increases’ to fulfilment fees.

If you sell on, don’t forget that Amazon previously announced fee changes from the 1st June for the US.

Amazon had quite a long preamble to their fee announcement, pointing out that they’ve invested a fortune and absorbed billions on pandemic related costs without passing these costs on to small businesses:

“2020 has been one of the most successful years for sellers in Amazon’s store, even with the obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. From April 15, 2020, to January 15, 2021, independent third-party sellers – almost all small and medium-size businesses – increased their Amazon sales globally by more than 55% year over year. And we are working hard and investing heavily to help you continue this success.
In 2020, we increased square footage across our fulfilment and logistics network by 50%, opening dozens of new delivery stations and fulfilment centres around the world. We built more than 250 tools and services globally to help you manage and grow your business, and improved Seller University courses to guide you on how to use all of these new tools and services effectively. We also recognised the uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic has created for small businesses, and as announced on December 22, 2021, we made the decision to postpone our annual fee adjustments until June 2021 to provide stability and support through what we expected would continue to be a challenging period.
While many other companies passed along costs through surcharges and fee changes in 2020, we absorbed over $5 billion in COVID-related costs on your behalf and are absorbing billions more globally in the first half of 2021. To further benefit our sellers, we also implemented reductions to certain fees and expanded promotions in 2021. In addition, we enhanced benefits for the FBA New Selection programme and launched the fulfilment of heavy and bulky selection on FBA.”

– Amazon

June 2021 Amazon Fee Changes links

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