How technology is helping to empower eBay sellers

By Lauren Fruncillo April 18, 2021 - 1:07 pm

eBay have released new data from a survey conducted in the US that shows how their tools & technology is empowering sellers to thrive on the marketplace.

According to eBay, their technology helps sellers to not only get up and running on the marketplace but also to leverage tools and data to grow and succeed. Despite a tough year, over half of eBay sellers grew their businesses on the marketplace in 2020, in part due to eBay’s latest tools and products.


Terapeak is a research tool that provides sellers with essential eBay marketplace intelligence and is available through the eBay seller hub. 32% of sellers who use Terapeak grew their (total) businesses significantly in 2020 compared to just 23% of sellers who never use the tool.

“We are committed to partnering with sellers every step of the way through our marketplace, from more immediate and short-term listing needs to the long-term view of helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow and succeed. Our goal is to continue to innovate and create tools that help optimize seller experiences, making them as easy, frictionless and smooth as possible as we empower our sellers to thrive.”
– Harry Temkin, eBay’s VP of Seller Experience

New tools & technology

eBay’s newest technology is helping meet the current needs of sellers. The survey found that 52% of sellers use Promoted Listings, which allows sellers to boost the visibility of their listings; and 40% take advantage of Time Away, which allows sellers to update their listings and protect their on-time delivery record while they are on vacation or away from selling. And over a third of respondents said that the Offer to Buyers feature had the biggest positive impact on their business in 2020.

Shipping (81%), pricing (66%), customer experience (65%) and listing optimization (65%) are the areas where eBay tools are most helpful to maintain and grow their businesses.

Future tools & technology

According to the survey, 72% of sellers surveyed believe that having technology applications and features to support shipping would be most helpful to growing their business in the future, followed by listing management tools (61%) and pricing tools (59%). Other tools that sellers say would be important to the growth of their business in the future include tools that improve the visual appeal of their eBay store (45%), sales reporting tools (34%) and insights tools that provide a dashboard of data about sellers’ businesses (30%) — all features that help sellers level-up their business.

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