Exclusive OnBuy investment allocation opportunity

By Chris Dawson April 1, 2021 - 10:15 am

Ever looked at the Amazon or eBay share price and thought “If only I’d got in 20 years ago I’d be a millionaire by now“? Well now you potentially could as a tip from a Tamebay reader tells us that OnBuy are raising a £10 million investment round and have allocated a pool of £2 million offered exclusively via private access on a first come, first served basis for those who fancy an OnBuy investment and want to have a direct interest in the success of a marketplace they trade on.

First up, we’re not offering investment advice and are reporting this purely as news… but if you fancy sharing in the growth of a marketplace then an OnBuy investment here’s your chance.

OnBuy have raised £8 million so far and this round of investment will take them up to £18 million. They’ve already secured over £6 million in investment from venture capital firms before formally opening the round, with a further £2 million from multiple private investors currently being negotiated. Now they’re offering sellers and partners a truly exclusive opportunity to share in their future success.

The low down is that you can invest from £10,000 upwards – less than £150k and you’ll be investing through a dedicated nominee service, more than £150k you will have a direct OnBuy investment which will be listed on OnBuy’s capitalisation table. The shares are open to both private individuals and companies.

We asked OnBuy for a comment and they told us:

“We want our sellers and partners to be able to fly with us. We’re looking to build a network of backers who can support us as we continue our growth journey, so this small, limited allocation has been specifically reserved for our sellers and partners. Despite significant VC interest, we wanted to let those supporters of OnBuy have the opportunity to become part of our journey. We wish we could offer more than £2 million but it’s a desirable round, and so investments will be offered on a first come, first served basis.”
– OnBuy

If you’d like to find out more about an OnBuy investment, they have a dedicated page on their website where you can express interest, receive their investment deck so that you can assess the opportunity, and will be holding a webinar early in May to disseminate more information.

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