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By Chris Dawson April 1, 2021 - 7:01 am

I knew the internet has changed the way many of us live and work, but who know that the kid that grew up playing computer games could now hawk themselves out as a Minecraft Gardener? Yes, it appears that not only is a Minecraft Gardener a job but it’s one in high demand paying north of £50 per hour.

A service, launched by Whatshed, was launched to help players of Minecraft, who dream of having the perfect in-game universe but are unsure how to design their outdoor havens. Available to players worldwide, the brand invited creative members of the public and Minecraft enthusiasts to apply to be a part of the collective of virtual gardeners. More than more than 20,000 applied from around the world in just three weeks, including one from a gamer aged six.

Gaming gardeners’ job role entails visiting clients’ virtual worlds to discuss desired styles and find practical solutions in real time. Consultants will also be expected to mock up a number of different design styles and suggested combinations, for players to refer back to at a later date should they feel the need for a redesign. 3,000 people have already registered their interest to hire a gardener!

Started as a solution for a frustrated landscape gardener struggling to find the best buy; WhatShed is now the largest independent guide for gardening and garden buildings in the UK. Offering advice on a range of topics including purchasing garden buildings, how to spot a shed from a cabin and how to preserve your plants, Whatshed is a one stop shop for any gardener, novice and experts alike!

“When we launched this service we knew that there would be some demand for it, however nothing could have prepared us for this! We’ve been seeing thousands of applicants a day from every corner of the globe; America, Australia, India – we’ve got an applicant in almost every country in the world it seems.

If you haven’t applied yet there is still time and to everyone that’s already applied: please bear with us! It’s going to take some time to get through all the applications once the closing date has passed. While we will only be able to reply to successful candidates we’re thrilled to have captured the attention of so many gaming and gardening fans; thank you to everyone that has shown interest in this so far.”
– Kate Fromings, Whatshed

Register here to become a Minecraft Gardener
Register here to hire a Minecraft Gardener

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