Why international shipping data requirements matter more than ever

By Chris Dawson March 15, 2021 - 1:55 pm

If you ship to either the US or EU and missed today’s webinar on international shipping data requirements, you can now watch it on TamebayTV or below. It contains crucial information for those that ship overseas as today, the 15th of March 2021, sees the enforcement of the US STOP Act requiring complete and valid data on mail parcels AND EU changes with the roll-out of ICS2 requiring postal operators to provide entry summary declarations on all parcels to the EU.

There are also more changes to international shipping data requirements coming in later this Spring and early Summer and if your data either isn’t correct, is incorrect, or even is too vague then your parcels will be at best delayed, worse returned with return costs charged, or even destroyed with no compensation.

We all saw the impact of carriers accepting parcels without the requisite international shipping data requirements at the start of the year due to Brexit changes in the UK’s relationship with the EU. The US STOP Act and the ICS2 EU requirements have the potential to have a similar impact.

Today’s webinar guests, Martin Noble and Bram Buijs, both from Hurricane spend their lives looking at international shipping data requirements and ensuring that clients get it right first time every time. They work with carriers, postal operators, marketplaces and retailers so they know what they’re talking about and are the best possible people to give you the information you need, not just to comply with regulation but to increase satisfaction and help you grow your business.

You can now watch the webinar below or on TamebayTV.

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