Watch this webinar to reduce Amazon FBA fees today

By Chris Dawson March 4, 2021 - 8:46 pm

If you missed this week’s webinar on how to reduce Amazon FBA fees then you’ll want to set aside time to watch it now. If you saw the webinar, we know some have asked for a replay as it was so good and it’s now available along with the slide deck.

In this webinar, Yoni Mazor, COO & Co-Founder of GETIDA, shares a ton of tips including just about everything from making full use of Amazon promotions available in 2021 to using clever product design and packaging, monitoring when and why Amazon (sometime erroneously) alters your FBA charges and how to reclaim fees going back as far as 18 months.

All FBA sellers should watch this video as it’s an almost certainty that you could reduce Amazon fees that are being charged to your account. This is a way to increase profitability without having to sell a single extra product and it’s money that’s far better off in your bank account that Amazon’s.

Yoni Mazor reckons that most merchants could be missing out on 1% to 3% of their annual FBA revenue. Yes, in this webinar you’ll learn how to save 1% to 3% of your FBA turnover (and that’s much bigger than a percentage of your FBA fees), so click the video below to watch the webinar which is also available on Tamebay TV.

At the end of the video you’ll find a special offer on GETIDA’s services who can help you reduce Amazon FBA fees and process claims for fee refunds, or simply visit

How to reduce Amazon FBA fees with guest presenter Yoni Mazor, GETIDA

Slide deck

You can download the slides that accompany this presentation here.

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