Walmart’s online marketplace opens to vendors outside the US

By Lauren Fruncillo March 21, 2021 - 2:06 pm

According to reports, Walmart’s online marketplace is opening up to vendors outside of the US. This means that a US address or tax identification is no longer required to sell on the platform and will likely over time, open up to more sellers around the world.

Interestingly, Walmart started accepting non-US vendors back in 2017 but there were some onerous restrictions – Walmart marketplace must be able to fulfill orders from a warehouse located in the US, they must provide a domestic US returns address and they are also required to have customer support operating during US business hours – but now that a US address or tax identification is no longer required the limitations previously hindering some sellers are no longer there.

This move will aid Walmarts growth and expansion and close the gap between them and competitor Amazon. A marketplace opening up its doors is appealing to businesses but can carry risk when not conducted with some order. Unwanted items and sellers with bad intentions can seep through but unlike Amazon’s open to anyone online registration process, Walmart’s invite-only process allows them to very carefully vet vendors to ensure customers and sellers remain safe.

“We have strong relationships with many reputable companies around the world and we have some of the most rigorous seller requirements in the industry. As a result, we are opening our U.S. marketplace to a limited number of international companies who share our commitment to customer trust and safety.”
– Walmart

Marketplace pulse states that 75% of new sellers on US Amazon’s marketplace are Chinese merchants who find US marketplaces beneficial in reaching American consumers. It is possible that Walmart will end up seeing a similar ratio. With this push into becoming an international marketplace, Walmart is also aiming to stock more US-made products in its own aisles.

  • JS
    7 months ago

    Tha application states that a seller must have a US tax id. Impossible to connect with automated chat if you don’t have a walmart account.

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