US STOP Act EU VAT ICS2 – Three changes on top of Brexit

By Chris Dawson March 9, 2021 - 8:00 am

If you thought Brexit was bad, there’s more upheaval coming mid month. With the US STOP Act EU VAT ICS2 updates on top of changes in shipping to Northern Ireland (which might or might not be postponed depending if the UK act unilaterally or the EU take the UK to court).

The US STOP Act EU VAT ICS2 key dates you need to be aware of are:

  • The 15th March sees the enforcement of the US STOP Act requiring complete and valid data on mail parcels.
  • The 15th March also sees the roll-out of ICS2 requiring postal operators to provide entry summary declarations on all parcels.
  • From the 1st July, the EU is implementing major changes regarding VAT including the ending of the low value threshold on ecommerce goods.

RegisterWe’ve seen far too many issues just shipping goods across the English Channel between the UK and EU without a load more regulation to cope with in just a week’s time. It’s critical that you get your ducks in a row and that’s why we’ve partnered with industry experts, Hurricane Commerce, in a 15th March webinar, not just to inform you of what you need to know, but also to show you, marketplaces and anyone else involved in the cross-border supply chain how to reap the rewards of this swathe of regulatory change.

You will hear about each of the US STOP Act EU VAT ICS2 changes and how they affect the way you do business and the relationship with your customers.

But, more importantly, we will explain the crucial importance of having complete and valid data (including HS6 codes, product descriptions, country of origin etc.) and also ensuring you are screening effectively for prohibited and restricted goods and so called denied parties.

This webinar with Hurricane Commerce is essential for anyone involved in the complex world of cross-border ecommerce. The webinar takes place on Monday the 15th of March at 11am, sign up today to reserve your place or receive a replay if you can’t attend in person.

  • Cristian Mitrus
    5 months ago

    We are interested about the impact for the imports into Romania

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