US and EU changes for shipping effective today webinar

By Chris Dawson March 15, 2021 - 9:00 am

RegisterIf you ship to either the US or EU, you’ll want to attend today’s webinar at 11am. Today sees the enforcement of the US STOP Act requiring complete and valid data on mail parcels AND EU changes with the roll-out of ICS2 requiring postal operators to provide entry summary declarations on all parcels to the EU.

There are more regulation changes coming which will also be covered in today’s webinar but shipping to the US and EU changes could result in a situation as bad as the Brexit parcel delays if you’re not on top of your data.

We also ask our expert guests, from Hurricane Commerce, possibly the most important question concerning shipping which is how you can save money, either for you if your pay duty in advance or for your consumer if they’re paying on receipt. Watch today’s webinar to discover what you should be declaring, how to legally minimise the duties you pay and of course what you shouldn’t be claiming to illegally avoid duties.

Hurricane will explain the crucial importance of having complete and valid data (including HS6 codes, product descriptions, country of origin etc.) and also ensuring you are screening effectively for prohibited and restricted goods and so called denied parties. This is essential to avoid your items being held because they can’t clear customs or even worse, as with early Brexit shipping, to avoid your parcels being returned, copping returns charges and long delays for your customers while you correct your paperwork and reship.

The webinar starts at 11am, so if you’ve not yet registered to attend then click here to do so. You’ll learn not only how to ensure your parcels get through customs but also how to save money and delight your customers. This is a webinar you can’t afford not to attend.

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