The Marketplace Playbook from Avalara and PSFK

By Chris Dawson March 22, 2021 - 10:15 am

The Marketplace Playbook is a report on how technology and digital-first strategies are creating the next generation of marketplace shopping. Written by Avalara and PSFK, you can download a copy here.

As well as key findings on ecommerce and digital-first consumers and what the shifting omnichannel landscape means for sellers, you’ll also learn how marketplaces function as part of a strategy for 2021 and beyond. There is a break down of the six strategies to help optimize the use of marketplaces and action plans for a next-generation marketplace experience

6 strategies in the The Marketplace Playbook

  1. SEO, Discovery & Research
  2. Align your discovery strategy with consumer expectations by first integrating immersive tools into customers’ preferred search channels, then meeting them with the contextual suggestions customers expect once they arrive.

  3. Product Page Experience
  4. Create a trusted destination through an authentic and engaging product display page experience, where customers are met with a rich media experience no matter their preferred channel or marketplace, and user-generated content and reviews can inform continuously better product experiences.

  5. Checkout & Payments
  6. Directly partner with suppliers to meet consumer demand for fast and free delivery and win loyalty within a saturated marketplace landscape by leveraging supplier partnerships to streamline the last mile.

  7. Merchandising & Fulfillment
  8. Learn about how financial software and back-end technology improve the transaction and checkout process.

  9. Backend Optimization
  10. Connect inventory, sales trends, teams, and data within a single view to provide teams and tools the ability to act in real time, and continuously update pricing and availability.

  11. Analytics & Reporting
  12. Apply necessary algorithms and tools to marketplace data to generate insights, which in turn can be used to update and refine existing product, sales, and marketing efforts, as well as inform ongoing innovation and decisions.

Download your copy today.

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