Latest consumer research from Linnworks – Convenience and the Effortless Economy

By Chris Dawson March 16, 2021 - 2:16 pm

Download ButtonIs friction in your online customer journey costing you sales? 67% of shoppers have abandoned purchases over complicated online check-outs – according to the latest Linnworks consumer research.

What do consumers want in a purchase journey, and how do you optimise every consumer interaction to win the sale and keep them coming back?

So what do consumers want in a purchase journey, and how do you optimize every consumer interaction to win the sale and keep your customers coming back? Linnworks research highlights five key ecommerce trends you need to know:

  1. Convenience is king
  2. 76% say convenience is their key priority in selecting a retailer and nine in ten will prioritise using a retail site that offers a seamless experience.

  3. Convenience means seamless experiences
  4. 81% of shoppers are looking for a frictionless, cross device ecommerce experience. Guest checkout and having shipping details stored are top of shoppers’ convenience check lists.

  5. Third party selling – social and marketplaces
  6. More than nine in ten shoppers start their product search on a marketplace and 76% have made impulse purchases via social channels due to the ease of purchase.

  7. Payments
  8. Nearly nine in ten say seamless and flexible payment options speed up their decision making and prompt them to spend more.

  9. Delivery
  10. 95% of shoppers reveal convenient delivery options are a major factor in the online retailers they use.

Download the latest Linnworks research whitepaper to find out why shoppers are telling retailers convenience is key to winning them over in the new, effortless economy, and what you need to do to win the sale at every customer touchpoint.

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