New, simplified FBA inventory reporting

By Chris Dawson March 23, 2021 - 11:51 am

Amazon have announced the launch of a new, simplified FBA inventory reporting experience. The enhancements to the Inventory Adjustments report are designed to give you a more precise view of adjustments to your inventory levels, such as when items are deemed to be misplaced or damaged at an Amazon fulfilment centre.

Your inventory adjustments will still be downloadable and available online and Amazon have added two enhancements to the report:

  • Online method
  • Misplaced, warehouse damaged, and found inventory adjustments will provide links to the reconciliation adjustment in the Inventory Adjustment report or the reimbursement transaction in the Reimbursement report.

  • Downloadable method
  • Misplaced, warehouse damaged, and found inventory adjustments will provide ‘reconciled’ and ‘unreconciled’ quantity columns. For example, when an inventory adjustment is reimbursed or reconciled, you will see unreconciled quantity decrease and reconciled quantity increase.

For all unreconciled inventory adjustments dated after the 19th of March 2021, you will be able to file a claim with Amazon immediately versus having to wait for 30 days.

FBA Inventory Reporting Claims

While we’re on the subject of FBA inventory reporting, it’s become apparent recently that many merchants never put in a claim and even those that do probably miss half the refunds they are entitled to. We recently held a webinar with Yoni Mazor, COO & Co-Founder of GETIDA, who not only shared a ton of tips on how to reduce your FBA fees but also offers a service where GETIDA can reclaim outstanding reimbursements and refunds going back as far as 18 months. You can watch the webinar below and find out more here.

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