Mandatory eBay Shop Upgrade 31st March 2021

By Chris Dawson March 11, 2021 - 10:51 am

‘Wow’ is what I thought when forwarded an email stating that there’s a mandatory eBay Shop upgrade coming on the 31st of March 2021. I’d almost forgotten the old shops existed and kind of assumed they’d already gone. Don’t worry about this news however as it probably won’t apply to you – it concerns the few who still have custom eBay shops on the old format which frankly I thought were all scheduled to be gone back in 2019.

There are many benefits from the new eBay Shops, but the biggest of these is that it’s mobile friendly and works with the eBay mobile app. We’ve known for years that eventually everyone would face a mandatory eBay Shop upgrade so the only real surprise is that it’s taken so long and didn’t happen a couple of years ago.

The new eBay Shops are not only more mobile friendly, they are also more secure, better optimised for search engines (SEO), and come with improved merchandising options.

If you have had the mandatory eBay Shop upgrade message, you really have two choices – either dump your custom shop design and upgrade today, or wait for eBay to forcibly upgrade your Shop and go back in later to tinker with settings and add your logo and banner when you’ve a few minutes to spare.

Upgrade your eBay shop by 31st March
Your current Shop can’t by see by buyers on the eBay app. However 63% of eBay sales already have a mobile touchpoint. To make sure you don’t miss out, we’re upgrading your Store to the new, mobile-friendly design after 31 March 2021.
Sellers who have already upgraded have seen a 20% increase in store visits from the eBay app. Get the most out of your Shop – upgrade today, add your logo and banner and bring your Shop to more potential buyers on the eBay app.
If you don’t take action, we will automatically migrate your Shop after 31 March 2021. Your individual listings will not be affected.

– eBay email to Shop owners

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