EU friction-free delivery and returns webinar – watch again

By Chris Dawson March 23, 2021 - 5:00 pm

If you missed today’s webinar on making delivery and returns to the EU friction-free, then you can now watch it again and it’s recommended viewing. Our guests were Bobbie Ttooulis and Phil Bradley-Smith from GFS, and you’ll see Phil becoming Phillipe from Paris ordering from a UK retailer. What does best practice to get products from the UK to the EU friction-free? Tune in and watch Phillipe’s experience to find out how it’s done.

In the webinar, we walked through the GFS ‘Brexit software bundle’ – GFS Checkout with Duties and Tax calculator with GFS Selector and GFS Global Returns Pro to generate paperless customs declarations required with both outbound and inbound shipping. Watch the webinar to learn how to collect duties and taxes at the point of purchase or display them to the consumer so they are not surprised when their parcel turns up with a demand for additional payment. You’ll also learn how complete and accurate paperwork you can deliver seamless post brexit shipping and avoid bad customer experiences.

Take advantage of the two offers from GFS for sellers shipping 50+ parcels per night

  1. Free Brexit Consultation
  2. With no cost or obligation, review your current EU services and ensure you are getting the best from your budget with experts at GFS.

  3. GFS Technology Bundle
  4. Get an overview of the GFS Brexit software bundle which is complimentary with GFS multi-carrier services. It consists of GFS Checkout, GFS Selector and GFS Global Returns Pro to automate Duties and Taxes calculations and Customs Declarations from checkout to doorstep and back again.

Watch how shipping to the EU friction-free works with the right tools

You can download the accompanying slides for the presentation here, and watch below or on TamebayTV.

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