eBay Seller Update 21.1 released today 3rd March 2021

By Chris Dawson March 3, 2021 - 1:32 pm

The eBay seller update 21.1 is out today and there’s some great new features coming to assist you with your business.

The update we like best is without a doubt Coded Coupons which give you a new and flexible way to tempt buyers with discounts. Whether you have a coupon highlighted on eBay, promote coupons on your social sites or simply have a friends and family discount coupon they’ll work for you. Even if you have one disgruntled buyer you want to mollify you can make a unique Coded Coupon just for them.

Then there is automation for eBay Promoted Listings, no longer will you have to tinker with campaigns, but if you choose rather than doing things manually you can set up promotions that will apply to all current and future listings and then sit back leaving them to run.

To assist you with the post sales flow, there are no more unpaid item cases to file, you’ll get the ability to offer partial refunds to try and stave off returns, and all post sales will be centralised in Seller Hub rather than having to visit the Resolution Centre.

Unfortunately there are some EU VAT changes and German specific VAT requirements you’ll have to digest – not eBay’s fault but important nonetheless.

You’ll want to read our post on eBay payments which will roll out to all sellers by the end of 2021. eBay are going to start collecting even more fees from your sales proceeds (to include things like Shop subs), rather than billing you for them by invoice.

A seller release wouldn’t be complete without the announcement of more mandatory item specifics coming down the line and May is the month you’ll need to act on these.

Then some niceties, the new unified listing flow we’ve seen in the US is coming to the UK and there are some improvements to Terapeak research to give better selling guidance.

Finally, as is always the case the eBay Seller Update 21.1 information published today applies to the UK, but other international eBay sites also have seller updates and you can check out the changes on overseas sites here.

  • Toby
    8 months ago

    I have to say, as extreme rarity, this has been one of the better updates. There are things in it that I actually like or just agree with. Amazing.
    Still, completely missed many of the issues out there, but it provides a glimmer of hope, and with eBay if you can ever say that, then it is worth a bit of a smile.
    Over all I’m quite happy with this one.

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