2021 UK & EU ecommerce VAT reforms – rewatch with Avalara

By Chris Dawson March 31, 2021 - 10:24 am

The new ecommerce VAT obligations for sellers and marketplaces in the UK & EU will impact your business, so if you missed this weeks’ essential webinar – 2021 UK & EU ecommerce VAT reforms – you can now watch again on TamebayTV or below.

What’s happening with UK & EU ecommerce VAT reforms?

On the 1st of January the UK’s HMRC’s new rules of VAT for ecommerce came into effect. The new UK ecommerce reforms puts new VAT calculation and collections obligations on UK and overseas sellers. It also makes online marketplaces responsible for the VAT on certain transactions by their sellers.

On the 1st of July 2021 the EU will also be introducing similar sweeping reforms to the VAT obligations of B2C ecommerce sellers and marketplaces.

In the webinar, we welcome Richard Asquith, Avalara VP Global Indirect Tax, who walks through:

  • Selling and shipping goods from outside the UK or EU to consumers
  • Listing your goods on major marketplaces in the UK or EU
  • Acting as a marketplace for sales to EU or UK buyers

This webinar provides an overview of the major reforms, and how it will affect sellers and marketplaces’ VAT, customs and tariff obligations, both in the UK and EU. You need to know what’s changing and what you need to do so click below to watch now:

Further Reading

The Marketplace PlaybookThe Marketplace Playbook is a report on how technology and digital-first strategies are creating the next generation of marketplace shopping. Written by Avalara and PSFK, you can download a copy here.

As well as key findings on ecommerce and digital-first consumers and what the shifting omnichannel landscape means for sellers, you’ll also learn how marketplaces function as part of a strategy for 2021 and beyond. There is a break down of the six strategies to help optimize the use of marketplaces and action plans for a next-generation marketplace experience

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