“Your eBay shop will be closed” glitch

By Chris Dawson February 19, 2021 - 9:28 pm

Just as we were shutting down for the weekend, we received a call from a seller who had received an email stating that “Your eBay shop will be closed”.

There was no warning and very little explanation as to why they received this message, but sure enough their eBay shop had vanished.

The email appeared in eBay Messages and so appears genuine, although it carried a graphic that we’ve never previously seen on any eBay messages. Plus, when the seller, who fortunately had eBay Concierge, spoke to support they too couldn’t see why their eBay shop had been closed but later reported that it wasn’t an isolated incident and a small number of other eBay sellers had also had their shops closed.

“Your eBay shop will be closed” email text

We recently contacted you to let you know that you weren’t meeting the minimum requirements for your eBay shop. Unfortunately, as these are still not being met, we have to close your shop.
It’s not too late
We’ll save all of your shop settings for 30 days so that you can easily reopen your shop when you meet the minumum requirements.

The minimum requirements is a strange one – there’s literally no real requirement for an eBay shop bar having a payment method. It used to be 10 feedback plus a linked PayPal account but for many sellers this has of course changed as the migration to eBay payments rolls out.

Regardless, for this seller concierge were as helpful as could be and opened a new shop for the seller which appears to be working fine. However they lost their shop design and other settings.

If you have had your eBay shop closed, let us know, although this does appear to be a very rare glitch.

  • Carl
    1 week ago

    I haven’t had this particular glitch but my eBay shop page states that it doesn’t exist, it has been this way for at least 2 weeks. The shop link works fine from the profile feedback page but not from the listing page. I contacted eBay support a week ago and they said that it is an issue they are trying to fix. There does also seem to be a lot of eBay pages that cant be found, the infamous “It’s not you. It’s us” page, however, this is different, it states “This page does not exist. Please continue to shop on eBay”

    Try your shop page link from the listing page to see if yours works, then check your profile page shop link.

  • NorthCrystal
    1 week ago

    Is this somehow related to email we received from eBay this week stating:
    “Welcome to selling on eBay”

    Well, we’ve been trading for four years on this platform.

  • andy
    1 week ago

    The site is full of glitches again after a reasonably trouble free period.

    Everything takes much longer and various functions are intermittently unavailable.

    “We searched everywhere” pages keep coming up.

    Is this disruption caused by turbulence from the damaged payments rollout?

  • victor
    1 week ago

    lots of irritating glitches pages not loading or refreshing ,
    incorrect emails and messages,
    a its not you its us page, does not help or solve the problem

  • Toby
    1 week ago

    Yep last week was a constant display of page not found errors. Ended up buying several items from other places as it was so irritating.
    Glitches seem to have ballooned again recently.

  • Amanda
    1 week ago

    Indeed, they still have not fixed the glitch with the estimated delivery shown to buyers. Apparently with a 2 working day dispatch window both and second class will arrive within 24 hours. Plus both 2nd and 1st class are too arrive before a 24 hour express service.
    Our metrics have taken a hit as buyers think things will arrive before this 3 day window is up and mark us as late when it arrives a day ir so after.
    These glitches are destroying people’s livelihoods. They really to get their act together and fix these serious glitches.

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