Temporarily Extended Amazon Returns Window

By Chris Dawson February 2, 2021 - 8:45 am

Recognising that many are struggling in their personal lives due to the ongoing pandemic, and some are unfortunately seriously ill or perhaps forced to self isolate at home, a temporarily extended Amazon returns window has been announced and applied retrospectively to past orders.

For orders placed on Amazon UK most items shipped between the 1st of October 2020 and the 31st of January 2021 can now be returned until the 28th of February 2021.

Amazon are always beloved by consumers with a problem as they’ll accept a return for practically any excuse under the sun and ensure that their customer gets a full refund. They’re not quite so loved by merchants for exactly the same reason, although biting your tongue when you are forced to accept a return has to be balanced against the deluge of orders the Amazon gods bestow upon you.

Realistically, we’re not expecting this exceptionally generous returns window to make much difference for most merchants. It’s unlikely that many products purchased pre-Christmas will be returned for any reason other than they have broken in which case you’d still be liable to offer a warranty anyway. And any orders shipped in the last few days would fall under the standard 30 day Amazon returns policy anyway. Old orders are unlikely to be returned, recent orders if they are returned would have been returned anyway. At worst you might receive the odd return that normally would have fallen outside of the returns policy barring the temporarily extended Amazon returns window.

Amazon are requesting that all merchants fall into line with the temporarily extended Amazon returns window and match your returns setting with their returns policies regardless of your fulfilment solutions.

  • amazonfan
    1 month ago

    How helpful, after a year, for amazon to recognise there is a pandemic, they are such a fantastic company, how could we ever live without them ! Don’t worry if you miss the extended returns window, just create an A-Z for an instant refund from amazon.

  • mark
    1 month ago

    dont worry about returns on amazon its for anything.

    my dog did not like walking with it i tried it for a month!!
    thats good a messy chewed up dirty smelly lead that evryone will queue up to buy.

    The training harness i bought 3 months ago has not stopped my dog behaving as before you di not tell me i had to train the dog myself!!!

    the deluge of sales they provide us with are nothing once all the returns are taken into account.

  • Rob
    1 month ago

    Maybe if Amazon did not keep most the fees for returns it would not be quite so bad.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I’ve had items returned after a year. We sell shoes. Customer opens an A Z claim. Bang! Refund issued. They dont need an extended returns window. Some of “our” Amazon customers abuse returns in any case. No further excuse required.

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