New size attributes for clothing on Amazon from 22nd Feb

By Chris Dawson February 8, 2021 - 11:21 am

Amazon is standardising clothing sizes which they say will improve the overall customer shopping experience through ‘ingestion of consistent and accurate data’. Previously, merchants used free text to provide clothing sizing information. Going forward, this will be replaced with size attributes, such as body type and height type, which will only allow you to select values from a standardised list.

From the 22nd of February 2021, you will be required to use these standardised size attributes when creating new listings and updating existing listings.

I have to say I’m massively in favour of this – there’s nothing worse than a garment arriving just to discover that the sizing is Chinese and it’s practically child size in the UK (and I imagine the reverse is also true).

It’s worth pointing out that sizing is specifics to the country site you are listing on. The first attribute to set is the “Clothing Size System” and the Clothing Size System is associated with the selected marketplace (e.g. UK for the UK and US for This will set the options available, for instance for ‘Body Type’ in the UK options are ‘Regular, Plus’, whereas for the same attribute in the US options additionally include ‘Big’ and ‘Husky’.

“Previously, sellers used free-form text to provide apparel sizing information. Now, you must select values from a standardized list for size attributes like apparel size, body type, and height type for DRESS, SWEATER, BLAZER, SWEATSHIRT, COAT, VEST, ROBE, TIGHTS, KURTA, TUNIC, TRACK_SUIT, PAJAMAS, SOCKS, UNDERPANTS, SUIT, and SALWAR_SUIT_SET. These attributes will enhance the customer experience when browsing and viewing your products by displaying standardized and consistent size values.”
– Amazon

New attribute name




Clothing Size System* Required: Clothing Size System is used to display marketplace-specific Clothing sizes to customers on the site. UK Clothing Size System is associated with the selected marketplace.
Clothing Size Class Required: Select the class of clothing size representation. Age, Alpha, and Numeric Numeric represents values such as 8, 10, 12 . Alpha represents values such as One Size, S, XL . Age represents values such as 6 Months, 2 Years
Clothing Size Body Type Conditionally mandatory: Select the applicable body type. Regular, Plus Values are dependent on product type and may not be required for specific products or age range descriptions
Clothing Size Height Type Conditionally mandatory: Select the applicable height type. Petite, Regular, Short, Tall, Extra Tall Values are dependent on product type and may not be required for specific products or age range descriptions
Clothing Size Value Required: Select the applicable clothing size. 40, S, 3XL, 6 Months, One Size Values are dependent on Size Class selection. Only numeric values such as 8, 10, 12 are valid with the numeric Size Class
Clothing Size To Value Optional: If providing a range of sizes for a product, select the ending clothing size range value here. Valid selection here should be greater than Clothing Size Value. 42, M, 4XL, 12 Months This value will be concatenated with Clothing Size Value selection to create a range to display to the customer

*The attribute name prefix for Apparel Size will depend on the product type, for example “Shirt Size” for Shirts,” Bottoms Size” for Pants, Shorts, and Overalls.

Requirement definitions

  • Required
  • You must select a value for the designated attribute in order to list the product.

  • Conditionally mandatory
  • You may be required to select a value depending on previous selections for attributes or product type. For example, for Pants and Shirts, Body Type is required, but for Age Range Descriptions set to Toddler, Body Type is not required.

  • Optional
  • You are not required to select a value for this field.

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