Fruugo GS1 GTIN mandate to simplify cross-border trading

By Chris Dawson February 22, 2021 - 10:54 am

Fruugo have given the stamp of approval to GS1 as a primary provider of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) for its growing platform, citing its usefulness to online merchants with aspirations to export globally. Since 2016 there has been a GTIN mandate for many categories, great for merchants who have already invested in GTINs.

The UK-based marketplace allows merchants across the world to sell products to more than 40 markets by taking on key tasks related to cross-border trading, such as copy translation, currency conversion and adherence to differing VAT rules. In the past four years Fruugo have introduced the GTIN mandate for most product categories across the platform, in order to simplify international trading.

Given GS1’s strong legacy when it comes to identifying, describing and tracking products as they move through the supply chain, its standards have been the preferred option for a large number of merchants on Fruugo. GTINs allows customers to find the products they are looking for more easily, increasing the likelihood of relevant searches leading to purchases – that’s why the GTIN mandate has contributed to continuous sales growth on the platform.

“Since Fruugo made the use of GTINs mandatory five years ago, we have seen the important role they have played in simplifying the customer journey and boosting sales for our sellers.
GS1 has played a leading role in ensuring the use of GTINs becomes an industry practice – not only in the UK but internationally – and is by far the most commonly used standard for merchants using our platform. As online selling continues to expand, with more and more merchants trading not only across multiple product categories but also different international markets, the use of standardised GTINs is only growing in importance and acts as a guarantor for continuity throughout the supply chain.”

– Hakan Thyr, chief revenue officer, Fruugo

“We are delighted to have partnered with Fruugo to make it easier for sellers to trade across this fast-growing online marketplace. Harnessing the power of product identifiers – like GS1 GTINs – not only helps platforms like Fruugo to maintain rich product catalogues, but also improves online search and the gathering of product reviews – a critical way for brands to build long-term product trust.
“At a time where there is much uncertainty around global supply chains, the adoption of GS1 standards by Fruugo, and our collaboration with other international marketplaces, will help to streamline processes and deliver a better shopping experience for customers.”

– Anne Godfrey, CEO, GS1 UK

  • 7 months ago

    GS1 licensed to print money shocker. Pay for life for a GTIN that you don’t stock.

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Fruugo is a global marketplace with dedicated websites for 46 countries including the UK, most of Europe, parts of Asia and also Australia and New Zealand.


GS1 UK is part of the global GS1 organisation that defines, maintains & manages the standards that ensure products are uniquely identified.

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