Efret alternative for shipping into Amazon EU FBA

By Chris Dawson February 1, 2021 - 8:41 am

Amazon have announced the temporary suspension of the Amazon Partnered Carrier Programme service citing problems with customs clearance due to paperwork not being correct. Not only is the service currently suspended but many shipments are now in the process of being returned to merchants meaning no stock will be arriving in Amazon EU FBA distribution warehouses. For those merchants caught in the middle, today we’d like to offer an alternative in the form of Efret.

Efret provide commercial road freight solutions between all EU Countries and for UK merchants they offer a way into Amazon EU FBA through their Rochester consolidation distribution centre. They offer logistics services both into the EU from the UK and vice versa, so regardless of whether you are a UK merchant trying to get stock into Amazon EU or an EU merchant trying to get stock into Amazon UK, they can assist.

Importantly, they will be verifying all paperwork before shipments are allowed to cross the channel so you can be assured that your products will get through once they leave the UK. Efret are also experts so can ensure your delivery arrives at a booked timed slot at the Amazon warehouse first time every time.

Efret founded to combat a largely stagnant and outdated transport industry with the vision of taking a different approach and bring about change. With decades of experience in European shipping, the founders of Efret decided to restart from scratch. Efret was capitalised heavily from the start, avoiding reliance on commercial credit and is an innovative company based on strong experience. Their core business, just-in-time transport, represents the vast majority of their volume and this where their development has been focused.

With continuous investment in their IT infrastructure and partnerships with recognised market players (Project 44 / Custom Clearance Consortium) and our investment in people, Efret have set themselves the objective of being as efficient as the big players in the market, at the same time keeping a human face and size as a critical aspect of their identity. This has resonated with customers, whether supplying OEM lines for car manufacturers, industrial companies or ecommerce retailers. Their performance speaks for itself with 98% of deliveries being on time.

If you are an Amazon merchant looking to ship stock into Amazon FBA in Europe (or from the EU to the UK), and would like a partner who can get the job done and actually get your stock across the UK/EU border, contact Efret today. Plus of course if you have other European shipping requirements, they can assist with those too.

You can reach Efret by telephone on 01202 612 661, via email or by filling out the contact form on their website.

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