Daydreaming of Summer holiday good news for home & garden sellers

By Chris Dawson February 22, 2021 - 11:15 am

The nation is hanging on for 7pm this evening when the Prime Minister is due to give an update on the way out of lockdown. In the mean time everyone is daydreaming of a summer holiday somewhere hot and wondering when life will return to pre-pandemic normality and the luxury of a trip abroad will be possible again.

In the mean time, buyers on eBay are sating their appetite for summer and instead of daydreaming are preparing for a potential second year at home with the uncertainty of booking a holiday way too much of a risk for most, not least because it’s currently illegal to leave the country with some very specific exceptions.

While daydreaming of island life, the nation is making waves with exotic decorations for their gardens – splashing up 1374% more searches for ‘palm trees’ and 154% more for ‘tiki bar’. Trying to get a golden glow in the British climate – shoppers are sunning up 96% more searches for ‘tanning drops’ and 123% more for ‘parasol’, to keep their skin protected

“With questions raised over whether the nation will be able to go abroad this year, shoppers are seeking to do up their homes and gardens with holiday-style items. From palm trees and tiki bars for that fun island feel, to self-tan supplies in case the British sun doesn’t feel like shining – eBay has witnessed that the nation is ready to holiday from home.”
– Priyanka Patel, UK Senior Trading Manager, eBay

Top daydreaming searches on eBay

  • Searches for’gazebo’ up by 47%
  • Searches for ‘deckchair’ up by 55%
  • Swimming pool up by 88%
  • Hot tub up by 97%
  • Paddling pool up by 98%
  • Sand pit up by 30%
  • BBQ up by 67%
  • Cocktail maker up by 141%
  • Sun lounger up by 158%
  • Fake tan up by 25%

With most merchants sold out last year, prices were bouyant for remaining stock. Many will have had their supply chains disrupted during the pandemic so if you’ve got stock of summer products for this year then it looks like you’ll be in the money. Our advice would be don’t be too quick to discount, but invest in eBay Promoted listings at the first sign of warmer weather – as soon a Brits are back in the garden (and a potential date for garden mixing for perhaps up to 6 people will be announced later today), sales will rocket and your stock will romp out of the door.

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