Tony Kyberd becomes the new CEO of Volo Commerce

By Chris Dawson January 29, 2021 - 12:35 pm

Volo Commerce have a new CEO, Tony Kyberd!

Tony has over thirty years’ experience in senior customer-centric roles, many of which have been overseas. He’s also President of US-based Freestyle Solutions, another established company within the FOG Software Group. Tony tells us we’re fortunate that his photo features ‘pre-lockdown hair’!

Volo was acquired by FOG Software back in 2019 and Sandy Scott, Portfolio Manager, Retail, Textile, and Apparel Tech at FOG took the helm. Sandy has worked with many Volo Customers and managed the Volo team through the transition since the acquisition by FOG Software Group announced in September of 2019 and, he says, has thoroughly enjoyed that experience.

“In parallel Tony has been more or less leading this business operationally for the better part of a year and now takes over as the new CEO. He has done a phenomenal job to date in my view and I believe is a great fit to lead the business into the future.”
– Sandy Scott, “Outgoing” CEO, Volo Commerce

Before the acquisition by FOG, Volo had retreated into their Cheltenham offices having received massive investment which failed to generate growth and sales. They needed a total reboot and that’s what FOG delivered when they acquired the Volo Origin business and Tony has been instrumental in this turnaround. FOG have have never yet sold a business that they’ve acquired and are firmly behind Volo and Tony is ready to continue revitalising its position as one of the key multichannel management solutions in the UK.

Over the past year 16 months since acquisition Volo has transitioned from customers no longer submitting bugs because they were ignored, to fixing an enormous backlog of bugs that hadn’t been addressed, to adding meaningful new functionality to create value for customers. They have moved from encountering a frustrated, neglected customer base to partnering with a set of customers whom we actively support and who appear satisfied with their experiences on the Origin and Vision platforms.

Bluntly, from a position of having almost no new customers in a very long time, Volo are adding new customers again and every turn, Tony and the team at Volo have been leading the charge and doing the hard work.

“As we turn the corner into 2021, I am confident that the path forward for Volo includes growth driven by our customers’ success, and very much look forward to supporting the business as a key piece of our broader FOG retail strategy. Please join me in welcoming Tony as incoming CEO and in wishing him, the team and of course you the best of success in 2021.”
– Sandy Scott, “Outgoing” CEO, Volo Commerce

Here at Tamebay we’ve collaborated with Volo on a number of projects over the past year. If you are serious about growing your business then our joint white paper on how to build, grow and industrialise ecommerce is a must read free download. It examine how to industrialise ecommerce on a grand scale and, especially if you started and initially grew your business on marketplace, how to take ownership of your business and migrate to the majority of your income coming from your own websites.

For those who want to dive into the day to day running of their business, Volo partnered with Tamebay on a series or posts looking at the different metrics you should be monitoring to assess the health of your business. These have been collated into an ebook which you can download here.

Tony Kyberd has also become a regular contributor to Tamebay and you can read his articles here. Watch out for Tony’s posts in the future.

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