The French Ecommerce Opportunity – What UK sellers need to know about selling in France

By Lauren Fruncillo January 28, 2021 - 2:36 pm

Today we look at Whitepaper detailing What UK sellers need to know about selling in France.

Download ButtonRetail today is truly cross-border. It is now easier than ever to reach shoppers in other countries and countries with similar economies provide a natural place to search for demand. For UK sellers, it makes sense to look to one of the country’s nearest neighbours: France.

Aside from the different languages, the countries share many similarities, with similar-sized populations and economies. Selling in another country means ticking several essential boxes, including offering payments in local currency, localised alternative payment methods, guaranteed duty and tax calculation, returns, and localised welcome and checkout. This is why vendors use marketplaces to reach other markets, seeing as they offer a pre-built customer-facing portal with a range of pre-built delivery and payment option – provides a quick way to tick many of these boxes.

This ebook looks at the opportunities of the French market and how working with local marketplace Cdiscount can help sellers build their businesses.

Inside the ebook you’ll find sections on:

  • The state of French ecommerce
  • The French shopper
  • French logistics, payments and the mobile landscape
  • Selling with Cdiscount
  • Case study on Skull Shaver

Download your copy of ‘The French Ecommerce Opportunity – What UK sellers need to know about selling in France’ for free.

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