Rakuten Super Logistics celebrate the perseverance of ecommerce

By Lauren Fruncillo January 7, 2021 - 3:11 pm

Rakuten Super Logistics are celebrating the perseverance of businesses during the pandemic by running a competition searching for the biggest success stories in the US. The competition which is running until the end of February will award a random success story a prize of $2, 021!

“2020 has been a challenging year for eCommerce sellers. As a result of the pandemic, eCommerce sales quickly grew over 30% and retailers’ orders doubled overnight. These businesses were faced with managing more requests while attempting to resolve endless shipping obstacles, We want to hear how eCommerce entrepreneurs persevered last year and were able to grow their businesses.”
– Jason Chan, VP of Sales and Marketing at Rakuten Super Logistics

According to the company they want all US-based online retailers to share their 2020 success stories. By the sounds of it, as long as you’re still trading then you have a success story and if the coronavirus crippled your ecommerce business then it looks like you won’t be able to enter. To be eligible, participants must submit a factual account of their growth in the past year and own an eCommerce business.

“In 2020, business owners had to learn a lot about flexibility, resilience and determination. And when the year got tough, entrepreneurs got to work, This contest aims to celebrate those businesses that overcame last year’s obstacles and had their most profitable year yet. We want to inspire retailers to continue pushing through this new year and give one lucky business a bonus to help get them there.”
– Jason Chan, VP of Sales and Marketing at Rakuten Super Logistics

If you own a business in the US and have experienced successful growth during the pandemic you can submit your story here.

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