DHL Express Day Definite International (Road) service restarts today

By Chris Dawson January 7, 2021 - 12:32 pm

Most carriers have now restarted delivery services to Europe and now DHL Express’ Day Definite International (Road) service restarts today. DHL already restarted their Express Road Services on Tuesday this week.

Restarting DHL Express Day Definite International (Road) service is an indicator that they are confident in being able to cross the channel to France without significant delays which is good news not just for courier services but also for food and other supplies entering and leaving the UK. This is after the double challenges of Brexit and the French border closure just before Christmas due to Coronavirus concerns.

A heads up, DHL’s note includes a reminder that customs paperwork will be required for all shipments. Regardless of whether products are covered under the hastily signed Free Trade Agreement which was signed into UK law on the last day of the year, customs formalities are now in place between the UK and EU for the first time in many decades.

“DHL Express’ Day Definite International (Road) service between the UK and the EU will recommence on Thursday 7 January 2021. We have been observing the situation at the ports and currently all is running well, however if this changes, there may be delays and of course we will keep you informed if this does happen.
Please ensure you have the correct customs paperwork for all shipments, including any shipments that could not be collected due to the service suspension. Please begin to prepare shipping paperwork once the service is available again on Thursday morning.
If you expect to have a higher than usual number of shipments to send on Thursday, please contact your account manager.”

– DHL Express

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