Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime delivery targets relaxed

By Lauren Fruncillo January 10, 2021 - 4:08 pm

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Amazon have eased up on their expectations of Seller Fulfilled Prime sellers and are relaxing delivery speed targets temporarily due to the ongoing pandemic.

“While we know sellers like you are working to raise the bar for Prime customers, we also understand that the pandemic has introduced constraints on the logistics industry that you depend on to meet customer expectations, In recognition of these constraints, we are adjusting the one- and two-day delivery speed targets.”
– Amazon

Amazon had plans in place for February this year, requiring third-party SFP sellers to ensure deliveries were made with the one to two-day target and on Saturdays. Considering the issues and delays many couriers are facing and constraints due to the prioritization of delivery of the Coronavirus vaccine, it is not surprising that Amazon is temporarily relaxing the delivery requirements.

Faster ship and delivery targets

Even before COVID-19, fewer than 16% of US Seller Fulfilled Prime orders met the Prime Two-Day delivery promise, in large part because many sellers do not operate on weekends. As a result, Amazon are making the following changes to this program in the US and if you want to remain part of the US Seller Fulfilled Prime program then you’ll be expected to comply:

  • 1st February 2021 US Seller Fulfilled Prime nationwide delivery coverage
    From 1st of Feb 2021 SFP sellers will be required to have nationwide delivery coverage for all standard size delivery products.
  • June 2021 US Seller Fulfilled Prime one or two-day delivery speeds
    From June SFP sellers will be required to show one or two-day delivery speeds to 70% of people viewing their product.

To help merchants meet the targets for one- and two-day delivery promises, Amazon are launching a new dashboard that measures the quoted delivery speed of SFP offers. The new dashboard monitors two new metrics: Percent of One-Day or less Detail Page Views and Percent of Two-Day or less Detail Page Views.

  • Simon Everett
    10 months ago

    I discovered that our SFP items were actually getting scanned the next day, so now I get my RM collections person to scan my Tracked 24 on the door step when they collect. That way it’s classed as collected rather than get a slapped arse from Amazon, for a late dispatch when they are scanned the next day by the main hub. Amazon already took away my “Expedited” delivery option for this reason.

    When Amazon customers ask me why they can’t have an expedited delivery, I explain, and they somehow find our website where we are not constrained, and can explain how things work in the real world.

  • Mark
    10 months ago

    What a farce

    we have been suspended from SFP due to late deliveries and asked what i intend to do.

    So the best i could offer was demanding the multi millionare CEO of royal mail come to my workplace where i could spank him and tell him i would sack him if it did not improve.

    Oh Yes that will work.
    all the info shows Amazon shipped on time and delivered late so not our fault.

    Now they have suspended an item for low customer reviews all the reasons are doesnt fit.

    have thay suspendied levis for all the jeans that dont fit. i doubt it.

    they are just bully boys and SFP loss has not affected our sales but has increased our top line by £2.

    so doubt we will rejoin.

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