eBay Product Safety Guide for US, UK/EU and AU

By Chris Dawson December 1, 2020 - 12:33 pm

eBay have published the eBay Product Safety Guide to remind sellers that certain products might not meet compliance standards. It’s especially worth remembering that if you buy clearance stock, some might potentially have been subject to a recall between disposal and you getting around to listing the goods on marketplaces.

In the eBay Product Safety Guide you’ll find guidelines from government agencies to ensure your product complies with the applicable mandatory standards. Product Safety Guide includes guidance for Sellers listing on the US, EU and UK and Australian sites.

There are 14 sections in the eBay Product Safety Guide, each of which is further split into: General requirements; Specific requirements for the US; Specific requirements for the UK/EU; and Specific requirements for Australia. This makes it easy to dive straight into the product types and territories that you sell in. The sections in the eBay Product Safety Guide are:

  1. Babies and Children Products
  2. Toys
  3. Child Car Safety Seats
  4. Laser Pointers
  5. HealthProducts
  6. Cosmetics
  7. Batteries
  8. Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarms
  9. Christmas Lights
  10. Condoms
  11. Bean bags
  12. Airbags
  13. Other Products
  14. UK Electrical Equipment and Environmental Regulation

“Regulatory authorities have identified certain products that often fail to meet mandatory compliance standards, including toys, batteries and airbags. Non-compliant products can result in inventory being recalled by the relevant authorities. We’re here to help you ensure your products comply with the applicable mandatory standards.

Please review our updated Product Safety Guidance for Sellers where you can find guidance from government agencies on product safety laws and standards for US, UK, European and Australian sites.

Please remember to always review our Prohibited & Restricted Items policy and Product Safety policy along with any applicable local laws before listing an item.”
– eBay

  • amj
    8 months ago

    they removed a listing of ours for a pyronix smoke alarm last week (claiming there had been a recall), the product complies with all relevant safety regulations and is BSi certified.. contacted the manufacturer and supplied all relevant documentation but ebay are stubborn as ever and stopped us listing for a few days, even though the product was clearly removed in error

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