DPD European Road Services Suspension

By Chris Dawson December 21, 2020 - 10:30 am

DPD have emailed business customers warning them that the DPD European Road Services have had to be suspended. This is due to the French closing the border to the UK blocking all human handled freight.

If you’ve turned the news on this morning you can hardly have failed to notice that many countries around the world including much of Europe has slammed the border shut and banned air, ferry and Eurostar travel. France however is the only country so far to have extended the ban to human handled freight.

Human handled freight is effectively anything driven via a lorry – cargo such as containers haven’t been blocked but most goods from Europe, including food, enters the UK via lorries. Sainsbury’s have already warned that if the blockade goes on for longer than 48 hours that gaps will start to appear on supermarket shelves.

DPD are requesting customers not to send any parcels via DPD Classic to Europe or Ireland until further notice as it is theses services which normally go via the DPD European Road Services. They are also in the process of disabling them on their systems to prevent future bookings.

At this stage, DPD have no idea how long the services will need to be suspended for but promise to provide regular updates.

DPD won’t be the only courier who have to make a similar announcement to this, but are one of the first out of the gate to inform customers of the situation.

In better news, we can report that DPD Air Express Service to Europe and the rest of the world remains up and running at the time of writing.

“Following the decision by the French Government to close the border with the UK, we have no choice but to suspend our European road services to continental Europe and the Republic of Ireland with immediate effect.
With regret we are asking our customers not to send any parcels on our DPD Classic service to either Europe or the Republic of Ireland until further notice. We are also disabling these services on our shipping systems.
At this stage we do not know how long these services will be unavailable for, but we will provide regular updates as the situation changes.
Our Air Express service into Europe and the rest of the world remains available at this time.”


  • Gordon lawless
    10 months ago

    Didn’t want us to stop going in WW2

  • June Matthews
    10 months ago

    Well it’s disgusting the price we pay will we get a full refund?

  • French boi
    10 months ago

    Frigging French… They’re just sour about the fishing rights over brexit that’s all..

    There’s more than 1 way to get into mainland Europe.

  • 10 months ago

    I work in parcels and whilst I appreciate the problems this causes.i can only say that yes the French were quick off the mark,but I dont blame them for that…..I blame our own government response to it……all Johnson had to do was at his COBRA meeting was to take the advice of his so called advisors….and rubber stamp suggestions….instead what did he do…..plastered the news all over the media and made it sound worse than it might be……so as we wouldnt close our borders to stop it spreading…….France,Holland and others did it for us…….quarantined the UK……you cant blame them for protecting themselves against this new strain………had our government acted quickly to do same we possibly wouldnt be in this mess now.
    This new virus may be abroad….we dont know……but it hasn’t been seemingly discovered yet.

  • John Rowntree
    10 months ago

    Tell me when you get back to delivering parcel to Spain at a sensible price

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