Cdiscount enters second-hand market with Cdiscount Occasion

By Lauren Fruncillo December 15, 2020 - 6:58 pm

Cdiscount have recently launched Cdiscount Occasion, their new second-hand products platform. The move shows how Cdiscount are now attempting to capitalize in an area of high consumer demand.

Cdiscount Occasion will allow the sale of used items from a range of categories including tech, fashion, home decor, leisure, and more. According to Cdiscount registration, listing, advertising and delivery will cost nothing to the seller and by the looks of it the processes to buying and selling on this platform will be similar to that of vinted. Sellers and buyers will send and receive their parcels through Relay points meaning items will need to remain less than 30kg and not exceed 120cm in length and together the width length and height cannot be over 150cm.

At the beginning of the year a Shoppercentric report showed how consumers wanted brands to do more about sustainability than just talking about it and this year we have seen many companies start putting sustainable practices in place. It’s likely that consumers want to do more to protect their health and the health of the planet since COVID-19 took the world by storm. Cdiscount Occasion feeds into this consumer desire for sustainability by giving them the chance to buy sell and reuse items.

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