VAT overhaul webinar for marketplace sellers today 2pm

By Chris Dawson November 25, 2020 - 6:01 am

Come the 1st of January, what is your VAT and tariff liability if someone in the EU buys from you as a UK seller (or vice versa). On the 1st of January, everything changes – the UK transition agreement with the EU expires and as if that wasn’t enough both the UK and the EU have a VAT overhaul coming in 2021, the UK on the 1st of January and the EU on the 1st of July.

There’s a lot going on so we’re thrilled to be joined in today’s webinar by Richard Asquith, VP Global Indirect Tax at Avalara. Richard brings a lifetime of experience and (unusually as he himself says) as a VAT expert everyone wants to talk to him at the moment… and 2pm today is your chance to hear directly from him.

The UK and EU VAT overhaul coupled with the ramifications of Brexit means that this is one webinar that’s crucial for you to attend. The penalties for getting it wrong range from very upset customers who will never buy from you again when their purchases get stuck in customs or arrive with an unexpected bill, right up to fines from VAT authorities.

This webinar is for:

  • UK sellers selling to the EU
  • EU sellers selling to the UK
  • Worldwide sellers selling to either/or/both the UK and the EU

Richard manages to take the complicated taxation landscape and in today’s webinar will convey the information you need to know in plain speaking easy to understand English.

Sign up here to attend the webinar in person at 2pm today, Thursday the 25th of November or to receive a playback link if you’re unable to listen live.

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