Joern Taubert announced new CEO of PMM Greek Marketplace

By Chris Dawson November 22, 2020 - 10:05 am

The PMM Group was created in 2019 through the merger of Public, Greece’s top digital retailer and number one Greek online marketplace, and the Greek arm of MediaMarkt, Europe’s top international consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Germany. With the absence of the behemoth that is Amazon, Public was the first to launch a Greek online marketplace platform.

Coupled with the Greek language, which naturally uses the Greek Alphabet, selling to Greece comes with challenges slightly higher than the Northern EU countries. But the lack of competition also offers opportunity for those retailers and brands ready to step up and target the Greek consumer.

Now, the Board of Directors of PMM, has announces the appointment of Joern Taubert as Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Joern Taubert brings to the company a wealth of ecommerce and marketplace experience, having served at Amazon Germany as Vice President of household appliances, consumer electronics, toys, home and garden products. Most recently he held the position of Group CEO for the German online marketplace, Verivox, a technology company and online marketplace for home services with a focus on energy, banking, insurance and telecoms. Prior to that he was the Managing Director at Sonos for the USA & Mexico, and at Sony, where he demonstrated a track record for successful ecommerce strategies.

“We are delighted to welcome Joern Taubert as CEO of Public-MediaMarkt. We are confident that the wealth of customer-centric ecommerce and retail experience he brings will enable him to execute our ecommerce strategy successfully.”
– Piet Coelewij, Chairman, PMM

“I am very proud to join PMM, the leading omni-channel retailer in Greece and Cyprus. The company is enjoying significant growth momentum due to the scalability of its marketplace and its unique portfolio coming from the collaboration of its distinct brands, Public and MediaMarkt.”
– Joern Taubert said, CEO, PMM

PMM (Public-MediaMarkt) is the leading omnichannel retailer in Greece and Cyprus. Its holistic strategy combines the best customer experience from physical stores, ecommerce, and marketplace. The company invests heavily in ecommerce technology and logistics to ensure offering the best services to its customers while sustaining a strong growth momentum.

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