Cdiscount four point plan to rescue French small businesses

By Chris Dawson November 11, 2020 - 10:30 am

France is being hit hard by the Coronavirus with 1.8 million infected, over 30,000 in hospital and an average of over 500 people a day dying. With the nationwide restrictions, small businesses are particularly impacted and so the largest ecommerce site in the country – Cdiscount – have put a four point plan together to help small businesses launch online.

The Cdiscount four point plan to assist small businesses include free subscription and commissions on orders collected in store, 50% reduction on commissions for orders shipped by by you and a dedicated account manager to help you get started.

Cdiscount four point plan to support small businesses

1) Promotional pricing

French small businesses affected by Covid-19 can launch on the Cdiscount Marketplace and until April 30, 2021 will get:

  • Free standard subscription (39.99 € HT / month)
  • Free commissions for all orders to be collected from your store (Click & Collect)
  • A 50% reduction on commissions applicable to orders for which you manage shipping

2) Additional support

In order to support small businesses, Cdiscount are setting up a dedicated team offering:

  • Accelerated registration procedures with the support from Cdiscount teams
  • Support from the creation of your store to the publication of your first offers
  • The option of being called back by one a Cdiscount advisers for step by step guidance

3) Tailored delivery options

Whether you have a point of sale or want to ship your orders, Cdiscount have solutions to help you:

  • The ability of offering customers to collect your products from your store (Click & Collect)
  • Access to Cdiscount Transport, which allows you to ship orders while benefiting from rates negotiated by Cdiscount with carriers
  • Free of all costs for editing transport labels and your first 10 shipments

4) Enhanced visibility on Cdiscount

To enable you to face the end of the year, Cdiscount are committed to giving visibility to offers from French traders, thanks in particular to:

  • The provision of a mini-site “MyShop” allowing you to display in a personalised window the products of your store on Cdiscount
  • The presentation of your offers on Cdiscount, in a space dedicated to French merchants

Sign up to take advantage

If you are a French small business and would like to access the Cdiscount four point plan assistance, click here to get started.

Full details of the Cdiscount four point plan are available here.

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